Top 10 Tips for Great CrossFit WOD's

CrossFit Lifter with proper technique

1)You are only competing against yourself for your fitness-Many CrossFitters make the mistake of looking around a CrossFit Gym and thinking they are competing with everyone else there.  CrossFit is all about plateaus and especially if your just starting out, push yourself over them, don't try to compete with others.

Looking for the Best Gloves for CrossFit

NewGrip Gloves for CrossFit, Pull-Ups and Gyms

Weight lifting and CrossFit gloves have been around along time and have not changed much.  After searching the internet to find out 'When were the first weight lifting gloves invented?" no answer turned up. Therefore we can surmise that conventional weight lifting glove have not changed much in 60-70 years; back into the 1940's when the first Health Clubs appeared.

CrossFit Gloves by NewGrip for Better WODs and No Blisters

CrossFit Gloves By NewGrip For Lifting and Pull Ups

I keep tearing up my hands at the gym during wods, other CrossFitters say if you start wearing CrossFit gloves that you’ll become dependent on gloves for your workout, and your CrossFit experience isn’t as real with gloves on.  You hear that enough times and you start to believe it.  I love the cult of CrossFit, I love the life style, and I love

The NewGrip Mission

NewGrip CrossFit Gloves, perfect for tough WODs

Our mission at NewGrip is to save your hands from damaging CrossFit WOD's and Heavy Weight Lifting.

Again Faster

CrossFit Gear from Again Faster

Again Faster has been the leading in CrossFit gear and accessories for the past 10+ years.  Their WOD gear is certified to help you work out better.  We've dealt with Again Faster over the years and only have amazing things to say, from CrossFit Clothing, Pull Up Bars, Rowing Machines.  At NewGrip we highly reccomend checking out Again Fasters selection.