5 Questions with Kaitlyn from Fitness For Real People

Fitness for real people

In this interview we talk to Kaitlyn who started the awesome, Fitness For Real People.  She has great insight on starting a fitness blog and the importance of buying quality weight lifting gloves, especially for Pull Ups.

1)We Love your Blog!! How did fitness for real people get its start, how long have you been active as a blogger?
Why thank you 😀 I have been active as a blogger for about 2 years. I have always loved writing ever since I was a kid and as the internet age took off, I found myself becoming one of those people constantly reading blogs and articles online. Like in all my spare time haha. So when I started crossfit in March of 2013 I quickly realized this was something that was going to change my entire life and I decided that I wanted to share my thoughts, for people to either love or hate haha, on my whole journey. I figured why not attempt it and see how it goes! I am truly blessed to say that as I have grown myself throughout my fitness journey, Fitness For Real People has grown right alongside me. It went from a baby blog of me rambling to a place where I truly hope people find inspiration as well as helpful information… And still a little of my rambling, that will never change 😉

2)Many different athletes use different ways to stay motivated, does having your blog and a social presence keep you more motivated to workout?
ABSOLUTELY! I preach to many people that accountability is key. When I have people tell me about the biggest challenges for them in their fitness goals, 90% of the time it can be linked back to accountability. They indulge too much in food… Because they are the only one in their household trying to eat healthy. They don’t do their accessory work or enough mobility because its an awkward thing when you first start and with no one there to tell you to do it at home, why bother? I think we very lucky in this day and age that we have the ability to be part of social communities online. Yes, everything has its ups and downs so I won’t debate social media with you haha. One of the greatest benefits however is it allows people to connect from anywhere and get that accountability and that extra push. For instance, I knew I needed to do more mobility work. I started by joining yoga challenge after yoga challenge on Instagram. It was something small but it forced me to spend 5-10 mins a day doing something I knew I needed to be doing but would otherwise avoid. In the same way, I think about the people that may need that motivation. I see a video of a Games athlete I look up to doing some crazy weight and I think about my own lifts and it pushes me to work harder. I treat my blog and my social media presence in the same way. Always keeping in mind that person that might see a workout I did or read a post and get that extra kick. It keeps me going, keeps me posting, and keeps me working hard… For all of you!

3)You’d mentioned in your email that you’ve used traditional weight lifting gloves in the past for pull ups. What has your experience been using gloves, what workout gloves have you tried? How does hand health factor in to an effective workout?
To be honest, the gloves that I have tried as all those kinda cheap and basic ones you get for $5 at Sports Authority. When I started doing pull-ups, my hands would rip constantly. Not only is it annoying but really the recovery period is just completely unnecessary and throws off everything in my training schedule. Obviously when doing a lot of work with a barbell and on the rig, I need my grip to stay in tact. When I cannot even open a non-rigid jar without pain it makes it just a little difficult to get a good grip on the barbell in a workout. People tend to take hand health for granted or overlook it…. Do a workout where you have 100 kipping pull-ups in it and then tell me you don’t want to wear some gloves? Yeah, exactly haha. The key is finding the perfect pair for you and your fitness goals/needs.

Fitness for real people

4)What is your workout of choice, do you lean CrossFit, Cardio or mainly weight lifting? Why does this work best for you?
I am definitely a CrossFitter first and foremost. CrossFit is what awoke this fit chick within me haha and it is what I can attribute my fitness too. For someone like myself who knew nothing about weightlifting … or really anything fitness haha … getting involved in CrossFit was the perfect gateway. I was able to learn under the supervision of amazing coaches. I got, and still great, fantastic programming done for me. Even through 2.5+ years doing CrossFit I have never seen a lack of progress. I think that speaks for itself. I have never loved cardio but CrossFit forces me to explore that side and to work on moving weights even with an increased heart rate and exhausted muscles. It pushes me so much further to a place where I really have to look at the mental side of fitness… And for a psychology nerd like myself that is super fun haha 😉 … However, I am also a little bit of a mini meathead. I know people wouldn’t expect it since I have been doing triathlons and an unexpected amount of races lately but for real. It is heavy weight that is my happy place. Now I don’t move freak weight… yet haha 😉 But I like heavy weight. I like the crossfit workouts when I can throw around the barbell a bit. It just makes me feel so confident and kickass. I love my strength days when I can hit some heavy maxes before a metcon. I’ve been incorporating some purely heaving lifting sessions into my weekly schedule. I have some big weight goals I am looking at down the road and I am working my butt off to get there.

5)Do you have any advice for folks who are just starting out at the gym either lifting weights, or with CrossFit, What keeps you coming back to the gym?
The biggest piece of advice that I can give someone just starting out is embrace this part and NEVER BE AFRAID TO FAIL. It took me so long to learn basic movements when I started CrossFit. I swear my coaches hated me… I was that person hahaha… Then I went through a “wod-picking” phase; I wouldn’t show up on days where the workout included things I wasn’t good at. It saved me what I thought was embarrassment but what happens down the line when I still can’t do these movements because I avoided them? Exactly. When I let myself just fall all in, go to class, SUCK big time, and then learn from the coaches… THAT is when I really started to grow and that is when I really fell in love with it all. So I know it can be nerve-racking or intimidating. Trust me you can be just as badass as those people you admire right now. Just let yourself suck for a bit. Let yourself fail. It is only then that you will get better… And truly, that in itself is what keeps me going back to the gym. When I fail a lift or have a bad day with a movement, it just makes me that much more hungry to do better at it next time. In the same breath, when I see awesome progress and I kick butt at something that used to be miserable for me *cough* snatches *cough* I get that same giddy feeling I did at the very start of it all. It reminds me why I am doing this… to watch myself be great. So go be great everyone!