5 Questions with Michelle Rogers from Healthy Beauty

Michelle Rogers Health Beauty Blog

Its been really fun to partner with a variety of bloggers and athletes here at Weight Lifting Gloves .com, in expanding our community we’ve met some inspiring folks, and Michelle Rogers from the Healthy Beauty blog is a great example.  In our short interview with Michelle she talks about her own personal journey toward fitness, the fitness community, and what workout gloves she uses to protect her hands when weight lifting.  Michelle not only posts inspiring and info about fitness and health, but does a ton of promotional giveaways as well.  She recently reviewed and gave away 3 pair of one of our favorite products, NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves through her site, make sure to follow her and enter to win future giveaways!

1)How long have you had your blog, what got you started in fitness and living healthy?

I launched Healthy Beauty in 2012. I was inspired to start this project after taking control of my health in 2008 and losing 60 pounds, and the profound difference that made in every area of my life. Essentially, I discovered the connection between feeling good and looking good, and the confidence that comes from that. Now I hope to help others by sharing my experiences and original articles; relevant health research and headlines from around the world; and daily motivation on social media.

2)What are the things you enjoy most about sharing/writing for people?

One of the things I love most about being a blogger is that I am able to connect with people from around the world. I love it when someone tells me that what I posted really helped them, that it was just what they needed today. This always makes my day! Plus, blogging really helps keep me going in my own journey.

3)It seems like for fitness trends to really take shape it’s really all about culture and community, what fitness communities are you a part?

I find a lot of support on social media, which is great. We inspire, motivate and cheer on each other. Every day, I connect with other health and fitness enthusiasts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and MyFitnessPal (user: MichelleHBB).

4)What types of work outs work best for you?

I started small, just 15 minutes a day, on the treadmill. Today, all together I workout for an hour a day Sunday through Friday, and 30 minutes on Saturdays (which is arms day, no cardio). I power walk about 20 miles a week, and also do workout videos, floor work, and weights. I have a weekly routine but it includes variety. Plus, I love to go hiking on weekends when I have the chance.

5)At WeightLiftingGloves.com we are all about hand health, what kinds of products have you used to preserve your hands through intense workouts?

I’m a newbie, having started working regularly with weights in the past year. When I leveled up from neoprene-covered dumbbells to the larger and heavier metal ones, this was challenging because gripping heavy metal on your sweaty, bare hands can be difficult. But since I’ve been using NewGrip Power Pads, I don’t have pinching and grip issues like I did before.

When not working out, I’m a hand moisturizer fanatic. I keep a bottle on the kitchen and bathroom sinks, in my purse, and on my desk at work.