Our Affiliate Program

Do you have a fitness related site, blog or are you an online retailer looking to boost your product line and increase income?  If so, you have a solid business opportunity here.  (Also, while it is helpful to have an online presence, it is not required – you can become an affiliate even if you just have an email address!)

Signing up takes less than 2 minutes, here’s how:
1)Go to the home page https://weightliftinggloves.com/ and click the Black SIGN UP button in the top right corner, create a User Name and enter your Email Address click Register
2)Check your email for your password, click the link in the email and enter your user name and password
3)When you’ve logged in, hover over Affiliate Program in the top menu bar, then click on Affiliate Area
4)Enter the URL of any page or product you’d like to promote in the Page URL box and click Generate URL
5)Use this link when promoting any page or product on WeightLiftingGloves.com

Here are some particulars:

  • After you sign up, we provide you with  unique tracking links to our main category pages or specific products.
  • As an affiliate, simply promote any link on WeightLiftingGloves.com on your website, via your social networks, to your email lists, etc.
  • You make commissions on sales on ANY and ALL products sold on WeightLiftingGloves.com which originated from your site, social media, or emails.
  • An average order at WeightLiftingGloves.com is $52!
  • We pay affiliates 10% of sales made through their tracking link, this is adjustable over time depending on performance.
  • Our affiliate program allows you to track visits and purchases made on WeightLiftingGloves.com – plus more!
  • We pay out affiliates on the 1st of every month once your balance reaches $50.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to earn extra income from your website.  Email us at info@weightliftinggloves.com if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with you!

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