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Every one knows a healthy life style is all about eating right and exercise, people often think that eating right means depriving yourself of food that tastes good and is satisfying,  Annmarie Licatese, aka the Fit Foodie Mama is here to prove you wrong.  There are a lot of food/recipe blogs around, but hers is geared toward other athletes and especially parent athletes who are short on time and energy, but want to cook amazing, tasty, and healthy meals and snacks for their family.

Anna Marie Fit Foodie Mama

Annmarie Licatese – AKA the Fit Foodie Mama

On  we especially enjoy following Wild Workout Wednesday’s where AnnMarie, collaborates with other bloggers Bold Fit Mom, Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Happy Healthy and Balanced to share workout ideas, recipes and fitness tips.

Fit Foodie Mama Doing Pull Ups

The Fit Foodie Mama has only been blogging for just under a year, and in that short time she has created an awesome resource and community of followers, we are proud to consider her a partner and friend in fitness.  Click here to join her mailing list and get awesome recipes and fitness tips delivered to your inbox!!

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