C.A. Marks – Moxie Beautiful

C.A. Marks is one of our favorite up and coming bloggers.  Her excellent lifestyle blog covers a number of subjects from Fashion and Style, to Culture and growing up as a Gen X’r, but the section we really love on C.A.’s site is the CrossFit section.  Like so many who have taken up CrossFit, it has totally transformed her life in a number of positive ways, she charts her progress in terms that a CrossFit beginner can feel inspired by, and continues to push herself through workout plateaus.  A favorite post of our talks about the progress she’s made in fitness and life over the past 10 years, check it out here.

Moxie Beautiful

We are proud to sponsor C.A. on her journey to fitness and healthy living, with Weight Lifting Gloves, check out her blog Moxie Beautiful.  You’ll be glad you did!

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