Introducing Casey Volmer from Staying On Pace

Casey Volmer Staying On Pace
Casey Volmer’s Blog Staying on Pace is a great resource for folks interested in better overall health.  Her robust blog features sections on food, health, fitness and awesome product reviews, including some of our favorite CrossFit Gloves, WODies.  In this interview with Casey we discuss CrossFit, blogging and hand care.  Casey is trying out some of our weight lifting gloves right now and we are excited to read hear upcoming review!
1)How did you get started blogging what was the genesis of Staying On Pace?

I have been an athlete my entire life, and when my Division 1 field hockey career was over, I was missing a huge part of myself. A lot of that stemmed from missing the exercise, smart nutrition, and community I was had. As I started the search to find out what was going to work for me and take the place of competitive sports in my life, I decided to blog about it. I tried all different kinds of activities, recipes, and set wellness goals for myself – I started to share all of this on the blog as a creative outlet. Since then, it has evolved into sharing my life experiences, most closely related to health and fitness.
2)I read on your blog that you had just started CrossFit, what are some differences you’ve noticed from a traditional workout of cardio and weights?
The main change I notice in CrossFit workouts versus traditional types of exercise is the community. Working out with others and sharing goals really takes me back to my time as a competitive athlete. I have also noticed that I work so much harder and see much better results when I do short, but high intense CrossFit workouts.  
3)When you are at the gym, do you use any kind of hand protection?  If so, what do you use?
I do not normally use any type of hand protection at the gym. I have tried a couple different types of grips for when I am doing work on the rig, such as pull ups, but I am not 100% sold on any yet. That’s why I am super excited to try yours!
4)Do you find that having a blog keeps you more motivated to live a fit and healthy life?
Definitely! Blogging about my workouts, recipes, and overall healthy lifestyle helps keep me accountable to my goals and what it is that I am working towards because people are reading about it. The blog also serves as a way to let others know it isn’t always easy and that they are not alone. I am very honest on my blog with my struggles as well, and I always appreciate when people are honest about the tough parts of staying healthy too, so I try to convey that as well.   
5)What advice would you give to aspiring fitness bloggers?  What are some pitfalls?
I would say a couple things..
1) Do it for you. If you want to blog, do it for no one else but yourself. I think it is more of a personal journey than I had ever thought it would be. I have really learned a lot about myself through blogging, but it can sometimes be tough to stay true to what you think and believe and not get caught up in what everyone else is saying and doing.
2) Stick with it. There are times when I am pretty sure only my mom read my blog, and that could make me question why I was putting so much time into it if no one was reading. Again, it was more about what the blog was doing for me at that time. Now, I have several ambassadorships and thousands of visits, but I never lose sight of why I started this whole thing in the first place!