Kyle Gurkovich – Pull-Up Champion

World record holder Kyle Gurkovich has taken an unusual path to notoriety.  A math teacher by day and a super athlete in his  spare time, he has been training over the couple of years and broken 2 world records for the most Pull-Ups in 24hrs, with one record being broken in June of 2014 and another in November awaiting official judgment from Guinness.  His motivation lies not in personal achievement, but raising money for the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and this is no random charity for Kyle.  One of his students passed away from cancer last year and he wanted to do something big to raise not only awareness, but actual dollars.  Way to go Kyle!

Kyle Gurkovich Power Pads Pull-Up Gloves

After breaking the first pull-up record (4,182 in 24 hours) in June, having to stop (due to available judges from 2am to 6am), he knew he could do more.  Kyle planned a second attempt later in the fall.   To promote his charity work, and his second attempt, he appeared on Fox and Friends in New York.

In the meantime, his past record was broken by Caine Eckstein of Australia, so the stakes were raised and Kyle was in a position of taking his record back. attended the event in Piscataway, New Jersey, November 2014 and not only supported Kyle with words of encouragement throughout the event, but also protected his hands by sponsoring him with Power Pads from NewGrip.  When his attempt was over 24 hours later, his Pull-Up counter said 4,234 – breaking Caine’s record by just over 20 Pull-Ups!  By the way, a medical exam a few days later revealed a severely torn muscle in his right bicep, which occurred around 2,000 Pull-Ups!  It was truly an inspiration for us to have attended the event and we are proud to support athletes like Kyle, making a difference through incredible feats of strength and endurance.

Kyle Gurkovich Pull Up Champion

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