Most Inspiring Athletes of 2015

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We’ve seen some great stories of inspiring athletes over coming the odds and physical set backs to achieve great accomplishments in 2015.  These are folks who inspire us to work hard every day, be motivated, and dig deep to go the extra mile.  Check out these videos and short profiles below of some of the most inspirational athletes we’ve discovered in 2015.

The IPC Power Lifters

These are men and women lifting very heavy weight, without he use of their legs.  These Olympic level athletes not only inspire those with disabilities, but the rest of us as well.  The next time you don’t feel like going to the gym and lifting, remember how much more challenging it is for these amazing athletes.


Ernestine Shepherd 77 year old BodyBuilder

Ernestine started lifting in here 50’s and is proof positive that age has nothing to do with ability.  How many grandma’s do you know that can dead lift 215 pounds?  Check out Ernestine’s inspirational story of fitness through age defying lifts.  She credits lifting as her age defying pill.


Maickel Melamed Final Finisher of 2015 Boston Marathon

Maickel finished the 2015 Boston Marathon in nearly 20 hours, which is incredible considering that he has muscular dystrophy.  As he crossed the finish line surrounded by news cameras and reporters getting drenched, but the joy of his accomplishment is unmistakeable.  Hopefully Maickel’s story can inspire you to go the extra mile.


Stef Reid Paralympic Long Jumper

Stef was an avid athlete through childhood, but due to a horrific boating accident at 15 lost one of her legs.  Since that day she has worked hard to continue to excel in athletics, and is a 5 time world record holder for the Paralympic long jump.