Our Interview with Helka From Fit Gurus

Fit Gurus

In the world of fitness is pretty uncommon to see a totally original idea take form in the shape of a company.  Fit Gurus is that idea, by combining the personal trainer, and their workouts, to clients through their site and app, Fit Gurus has revolutionized the way that personal trainers and clients interact.  By giving athletes and folks wanting to get in better shape an unlimited number of workouts and training styles, Fit Gurus is sure to have the workout style that best fits your goals.
We we’re fortunate to get connected with Helka from Fit Gurus, here she talks about the Fit Guru’s mission, vision, vetting process, and our favorite subject, hand protection at the gym.

1)Why did you start Fit Gurus what was the genesis of the company? What is your mission?
Everything currently on the market is focused around “getting fit quick” which is fine. But for us, it wasn’t enough. We love training, and want to improve daily. For us it’s about getting into the gym and enjoying your workout. When people are doing 3 sets of 10, and plateauing due to a lack of changing up there training, we wanted Fit Gurus to be a site/app where people could realize their potential. A lot of the barriers we set are just in our minds, or from what others have told us. We shout something different, and wanted to find people who were like minded in that.

Our mission is to defy the lies about weight lifting. People think that weighted workouts make you massive. When in reality that is a combination of hard training and diet. The gym is for everyone, and weight lifting is one of the best ways to physically change the shape of your body. Our goal is to get people training, male and female, and a sense of self-satisfaction of getting through our workouts.

2)How have you been able to connect with so many different personal trainers in such a short time? How has social media effected how you connect with other athletes and trainers?
We use social media on a daily basis, and have kept an eye out for trainers who had potential. We evaluated them based on the content they were posting and the audience they attracted. Some even came through word-of-mouth referrals. Our trainer growth can be summed-up by the fact that we were able to offer the trainers an opportunity to enhance their own personal businesses through exposure to a global network of customers. Social media was merely the tool for discovering some great under-rated talent around the world. We simply started conversations, and the relationships grew from there. Fast-forward to now, we have a brilliant set of trainers committed to growing Fit Gurus with us.

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3)Our mission at WeightLiftingGloves.com is to prevent hand injuries and give athletes better workouts, in your experience how important is hand health to workouts? What are some common hand injuries that you’ve seen?
Well you aren’t going to be gripping any heavy barbells if your hands are in battered. Looking after your hands is no different to looking after the rest of your body, both are extremely important to be able to train hard and push yourself. There needs to be a balance of when to assess any injuries or niggles instead of pushing through and causing further damage. I know especially with a handful of our trainers, ourselves included, lifts such as deadlifts, rack pulls and bent over rows can really put stress on the skin and muscles of the hand often causing calluses, hand strains etc. Top end rack pulls with chalk in particular can have a seemingly enhanced effect of ripping the skin on your palms, often drawing blood! We’ve seen a few hand muscle strains too over time, especially when using things like Fat Gripz or towel chins, etc., as some people haven’t built their grip strength up enough beforehand.

4)How do you select which personal trainers you work with, is there a vetting process?
We like to think our outlook on training has a lot to do with it. The trainers we choose have the same ideology as we do. As in, hard work always pays off and pushing beyond limits is where the glory lies. We like challenging training, and especially trainers who bring something unique to the table in terms of training style and approach. We don’t like gimmicks. We don’t want people coming on our website (soon to be app) and doing the same type of workouts you’ve seen in every fitness magazine. Yes we understand you have to start somewhere, and have some beginner content available. But there’s authentic, challenging content on there as well! Variety is good. So we start by really engaging the trainers, getting their background in fitness, and seeing what they can bring to the table. We ask ourselves if we think this is the type of person who will be proactive, and if their content would be appealing to our audience. If they tick the boxes, we’re happy to have them aboard.

5)Where do you see FIT GURU’s in 5 years time? What is your long term vision with the company?
In 5 years time, we’d love to have seamless contact between the trainer and the customer through our app. We hope to revolutionize the way people workout, with the tools to facilitate the relationship, whether that be to get customized coaching, training plans, and/or diet plans. We want users to know that every time they step foot in a gym, we have their back with an specific workout recommended for them from a REAL trainer that they can also connect with. Everything available is merely automated. The industry can do better than that. We are definitely doing better than that. Many companies are focused on cardio or bodyweight training, we want people to stop avoiding the plethora of benefits weight training offers.