Our Interview with Luke Kayyem Owner/Operator/Lifestyle Legend at SICFIT


WeightLiftingGloves.com is honored to be a sponsor at this years SICFIT’s SICest of the Southwest competition in Scottsdale Arizona.  CrossFitters travel across the Southwest to be a part of this old school throwdown.  In this interview we talk to Luke about the importance of hand protection and developing SICFIT into an amazing brand.

1)How does SICest of the Southwest differ from other CrossFit competitions?
Since its inception in 2012 the SICest of the Southwest has strived to be different, creative and more about the experience than the contest. Instead of Wods we created Races, Grids & showcases that would bring the fans into the event and keep them there all day long. In year 1 we knew we had something special when Kris Clever & Camille Leblanc winner of the CrossFit games tied after a full day’s events only to deciding on splitting the purse instead of opting for a sudden death match. In 2013 we brought James Fitzgerald on to program for the events along with an adaptive athlete showcase showing what the world what so many thought was impossible. Again the final went down to a single elimination final that saw big name Games competitors get cut & the two men’s finalist took it to the last second as Moses Cordova out worked the entire field on the final movement monkey bars.

Last year we took it out of the convention center and back to the blacktop on the streets in the parking lot of SICFIT Scottsdale. It was the perfect scene for a throw down outside on a slightly overcast day in December.

Video recapping the latest Sicest of the Southwest!

2)Is any kind of hand protection or gloves permitted at SICest of the Southwest? If so what kinds? What are your feeling about CrossFit rips and blisters badges of honor, or painful problems?
You can use anything you want to protect your body including gloves and wraps. I personally have ripped my hands for years and I know firsthand ripping badly will take you out of the competition just like feet blisters on a runner. Something so minor can become major very quickly.

3)How did SICFIT get started, what is the mission statement, or goal of your fitness community?
My wife and I founded CrossFit Scottsdale in 2008 and in 2011 acquired SICFIT. As Entrepreneurs we are always looking to expand and upscale our brand while developing systems, standards and structure to build the SICFIT lifestyle brand into a global powerhouse. 4 years later we are still frisking everyday and have recently launched the SICFIT gym license. Currently we have 5 gyms in the program. SICFIT Scottsdale, El Paso, San Diego, Old Town & Round Rock, Texas expected to open later this year.

4)What would you say the biggest factor is in the growth and success of SICFIT?
My wife Najla and I have been hustling together since the 7th grade. We know nothing but hard work & relentless follow through. It shows in everything we do from build SICFIT to educate members to raising our two kids.