Our Top 5 Weight Lifting Forums

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One of the best parts of going to the gym is the sense of community that you feel.  On those days that you don’t want to go, its friends at the gym that keep you coming back.  Online weight lifting communities are the same, and forums are a HUGE source of information and inspiration to get you going back to the gym.  We read quite a few lifting forums to help with technique and to find out about great new ways to lift directly from other lifters.

Below is a list of 5 of our favorite weight lifting and bodybuilding forums.  The vast majority of the members provide great positive, supportive, and honest answers to questions.  Some of the best lifting info on the web is still found on forums, check out these great lifting forums, they are 100% worth your time.

1)The Iron Den, a huge overall community discussing everything related to weight lifting.


2)Fitness-Geared, a forum centered on bodybuilding nutrition and supplements.


3)Muscle Talk UK a British based lifting forum which features incredible articles and great info on everything bodybuilding and heavy lifting.


4)Wanna Be Big has awesome information rich articles all about everything from CrossFit to supplements.


5) Power Lifting Watch is for the serious heavy power lifter, folks post PR’s, and discuss heavy lifting techniques.