Micro Muscle Movements

If you go to the gym then you’ve seen a recent uptick in last few years of fairly unorthodox equipment showing up.  There are ropes, tires, pull-up monkey bars, floor resistance sliders, just to name a few.  In the same vein TRX resistance racks are showing up and are in almost every major gym chain. […]

CrossFit Lady Lifter

Top 10 Tips for Great WOD’s

1)You are only competing against yourself for your fitness-Many athletes make the mistake of looking around a Gym and thinking they are competing with everyone else there.  WODing is all about plateaus and especially if your just starting out, push yourself over them, don’t try to compete with others. 2)Eating Right is as Important as […]

Fitness after a stroke rehab

Fitness and Life After A Stroke

By Alan Trombetta In late April 2011 (3 years ago) I experienced a significant stroke… leaving the right side of my body paralyzed. And I am right handed! Talk about scary?  This is being written so that you may know what a stroke survivor goes through and faces.  Although everyone knows that a stroke is […]