Bear Claw Grips

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Product Description

  • Eliminates hand tears and rips
  • Open backed for perspiration free hands
  • 100% durable neoprene, vegan gloves
  • De-bossed palm pattern for perfect grip
  • Thicker grip for better forearm muscle mass building
  • One Size Fits all

Bear Claw Grips, developed by Bear Grips similar to their original Bear Grips, but constructed out of sturdy neoprene, for even more comfortable lifting.  Bear Claw Grips improve grip on any surface with a rubberized de-bossed palm pattern.  The palm side of the grip is open backed and cloth lined for a maximum level of sweat management.  Bear Claw Grips eliminate hand soreness and provide a cushioned protective layer between your hand and the bar.

The unique 3 finger system keeps Bear Claw Grips in place, while allowing a full flexibility of all fingers and hand joints.  Bear Claw Grips feature stretchable finger loops that fit any size of hand. Bear Claw Grips come in stylish low profile black, and are patent pending.

Lifting with Bear Claw Grips will improve your overall lifting experience, and its universal design makes it the perfect accessory for any level of of weight lifter.  Many athletes see significant hand pain free PR’s and huge gains.  Get a pair of Bear Claw Grips today!


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