Bear Grips Knee Sleeves 5mm



Product Description

  • Made of 5mm thick high quality neoprene
  • Stimulates oxygen flow
  • Decreases swelling
  • Never slips or slides off of knee

Bear Grips make some of the leading products in hand and wrist protection and have come out with their version of classic knee compression sleeves.  Bear Grips 5mm Knee Sleeves are made from the highest quality neoprene and provide athletes with great compression and support for weight lifting, functional fitness, and any other sports or exercise.   Bear Grips 5mm Knee Sleeves decrease swelling in  knee joints by compressing and stimulating blood flow and oxygen to knees which promotes healing.   Bear Grips Knee Sleeves never slide, bunch or slip during your workout, like lesser quality knee sleeves.

Bear Grips Knee Sleeves may be purchased as a pair, or single if you only have one effected knee.  Get the highest quality knee sleeves on the market and heal knees quick with Bear Grips Knee Sleeves!


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