Bear Grips Shin Guard Sleeves



Product Description

  • Perfect protection during WOD’s, Lifting, Obstacle Courses, and Biking.  Ideal for Tuff Mudder Races!
  • Neoprene front panel (5mm) and contoured back
  • Side zipper for easy on and off
  • Foot harness for perfect placement and no slippage
  • Silicone top band, holds guard in place
  • Sold as single sleeve or pair, not leg specific

Why train with Bear Grips Shin Guard Sleeves?  If your intense workout leaves you with bruised and torn up shins and you are looking for the ultimate protection, comfort and shin support.  They offer far superior protection to the high socks you see at gyms and boxes.

Each Bear Grips Shin Sleeve features 5mm thick neoprene front panel which protects shins from bruises, cuts and abrasions.  The design of Bear Grips Shin Sleeves provide compression and increase blood flow to the calf while decreasing swelling.  Bear Grips Shin Guard Sleeves are perfect for intense WODs, Olympic style weight lifting, and out door obstacle courses.

Get the most out of your workout and protect your shins in the process with Bear Grips Shin Guards!!

Bear Grips Shin Guard Sizing Chart


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