Bear Grips Strength Wraps



Product Description

  • Secures wrists and prevents weight lifting injuries
  • Adjustable lock string, so you never have to re-wrap
  • Versatile enough for any wrist straining workout
  • High quality, durable, long lasting wrist support
  • Machine Washable
  • Sold as a pair
  • 36″ long x 3″ wide
  • One size fits all

Bear Grips Strength Wraps are ideal high quality wrist support for serious lifters.  When lifting heavy, the wrists are a typical weak point, commonly wrist can become strained, sprained and even broken under heavy weights.  With Bear Grips Strength Wraps  wrists are kept secure, stable and comfortable.  The high quality max thread count, durable construction of Bear Grips Strength Wraps means that your bear of wraps will last several years of heavy lifting.  Bear Grips Strength Wraps are attached to wrists by an extra-tough lock string.  You can adjust your wrist wrap fit by twisting the lock string, this is ideal when mixing up different lifts in a single workout.  The adjustable lock string eliminates the need for re-wrapping between sets.


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