Bear Grips



Product Description

  • Prevents blisters, calluses, and rips
  • Sweat free hypoallergenic open design
  • 100% silicone, vegan
  • Improves grip with serrated palm
  • Relieves joint stress in hands and forearms
  • Wider grip of better muscle stimulation
  • Bear Grips are virtually indestructible and come with a life time warranty!

Bear Grips lifting grips are the only 100% silicone hand protection on the market.  By harnessing the power and flexibility of silicone Bear Grips mold perfectly to your hand, simultaneously cushioning and protecting hands from intense lifts and blisters.  The extra gripping serrated palm side is perfectly designed to maximize grip on any piece of gym gear.  The 3.5 mm thickness of Bear Grips allows athletes to get a slightly wider more natural grip on any bar, this enhances the effectiveness of the weights you lift.

The open backed design of Bear Grips allows hands to stay cool and not sticky and hot like traditional gloves.  The 3 finger design of bear grips maximizes dexterity, while keeping the Grip perfectly positioned on your hands.

Best Practices Using Bear Grips:

  • Wash with soap and water
  • Use with chalk to vary grip
  • Use on all weights, bars and machines

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