Bear Komplex Carbon Grips



Product Description

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Why train with Bear Komplex Carbon Grips?  If you’ve ever been in the middle of a WOD and faced a slick bar, kettlebell, or weight, then Bear Komplex Carbon Grips are perfect for you.  Designed especially for slick or chalk powdered bars Bear Komplex Carbon Grips eliminate the need for chalk and give you the best combination of Grip and Protection money can buy.

Reasons to train with Bear Komplex:

  • Light Weight and Low Profile protection
  • Perfect for popular WOD exercises like, Muscle Ups, Toes to, Kettlebells, Power Lifts, Dead Lifts and Gymnastics Rigs
  • Durable and virtually indestructible
  • Molds to any bar for extra comfort
  • Eliminates slippage and increases grip

Never use with chalk until you determine they are the correct size.   Get the absolute best workout with Bear Komplex!!


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