Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves 7mm (1Pair)



Product Description

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  • Available only in stylish black
  • Built to last typical pair lasts several years
  • Perfect for intense CrossFit style workouts
  • Compression increases blood flow and decreases swelling
  • Available in 7mm thick high quality neoprene

Why train with Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves?  You deserve the best knee protection and Bear Komplex Sleeves combine protection and comfort like no other Knee Sleeves on the market. Constructed of 100% high quality neoprene, Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves increase blood flow, decrease swelling and prevent injuries.  Using compression technology Bear Komplex sleeves heal knees over time by increasing oxygen to sore swollen knees.  Bear Komplex Knees fit snug and never slide, twist, or bunch up during workouts.

Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves use compression technology to decrease soreness and increase oxygen to injured and sore knees.   Every pair is double stitched and designed for extra long life, neoprene conforms to your knee shape and gradually becomes more comfortable over time.  They are perfect for squats, box jumps, snatch lifts, power clean and jerks, and Olympic lifts.

Get the most out of every workout and prevent injury with Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves!!

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