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Why WOD with Bear Komplex Leather Grips?  They are simply the best leather functional fitness hand grips on the market!!  The unique contoured design of the 3 hole model, and simple protection of the 2 hole model, protect the parts of your hands that get torn during intense WODs.  A typical pair of Bear Komplex Leather Grips last 2 times longer than similar grips made of cotton, canvas, or neoprene.  Each pair of Bear Komplex Grips is TRIPLE STITCHED to ensure they last through hundreds of WODs.

Bear Komplex Leather Grips protect hands during intense bar and lifting work and are ideal for Chin Ups, any kind of Pull Up, Kettlebells, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifts, and Gymnastics.

The fully open design of Bear Komplex Leather Grips keeps hands dry, so you wont struggle with slippery hands on the bar, or struggle with sweaty traditional gym gloves.

Allow several workouts to break in your Bear Komplex Grips, they conform to your natural hand shape and get more and more comfortable over many workouts.

Benefits of training with Bear Komplex Grips:

  • Available in 2 & 3 hole contoured styles
  • Works great with chalk for an increased grip
  • One of the only leather grips on the market
  • Triple Stitched for maximum durability
  • Great for every part of a WOD
  • Molds to your natural hand shape over several workouts


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