Cobra Grips



Product Description

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  • Burly hand protection built to last
  • Comfortable wrist support at any wrist angle
  • Prevents Blisters, Rips, & Calluses
  • Available in Pink & Black
  • Improves Grip
  • Eliminates Hand Sweat
  • One Size Fits all

Cobra Grips from Grip Power Pads are perfect protection against workout stopping hand tears and blisters.  The revolutionary combination of Neoprene padded wrist support and burly hand protection enhances grip and prevents injuries.  These incredible Grips are loved by athletes worldwide and are especially effective on CrossFit bars and rings, when hands are exposed and bearing your full body weight.  The patent pending ergonomic design mean you’ll workout longer and stronger without the worry of injury.  Cobra Grips hand pads are 6mm thick, made of a pliable proprietary material that is virtually indestructible, and the perfect thickness for any kind of workout.  Cobra Grips totally vented design makes for a hand sweat free workout, so you won’t slip on the bar.  The wrist support features a burly 2″ wide strap with neoprene, providing athletes the most comfortable fit at any angle.

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Cobra Grips are ONE SIZE FITS ALL and available in black and pink.  Get Cobra Grips today, eliminate traditional gym gloves and start getting the most out of every workout.


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