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Fat Gripz are the perfect accessory for any body builder interested in effective muscle mass building.

Fat Gripz make any bar thicker, supporting your hands and keying in on the weaker parts of your body.  By using Fat Gripz you’ll access greater strength by stimulating lesser used muscles, and you won’t get stuck on lifting plateaus. Fat Gripz also decrease injuries by supporting hands and wrists and creating perfect ergonomic form.

Fat Gripz endorsed by, NFL trainers, US Military, UFC Fighters, and world class lifters like the amazing Jay Cutler in the video below:


  • Greater strength and muscle gains by thickening the bar
  • More efficient lifts by targeting your bodies weak spots
  • Fewer injuries, perfect ergonomic hand and wrist support
  • Beveled ends that fit any bar
  • Quick on and off between racks, free weights, and machines
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