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The Fit Four Gripper® combines high quality blister protection, low profile natural, and enhanced grip.  Fit Four Gripper® is perfectly designed for CrossFit movements and especially ideal Pull-Ups and Kettlebells when hands can get sweat and slip off of bars.

If you are a CrossFit athletes looking to maximize your workout while minimizing hand pain, and blisters, yet maintaining a natural grip on any bar, then the Fit Four Gripper® is a great training choice.  The Fit Four Gripper® is built to last and features nearly naked protection, so you can cover the parts of your hands that get the most abused during a WOD while maintaining an awesome grip!

Like all Fit Four gloves, the Fit Four Gripper® provides the maximum protection in the lowest profile glove possible.  The difference in the Fit Four Gripper® is that the palms have a layer of flexible silicon nubs, designed to make your grip tacky, giving you more explosive movements with the confidence of knowing your hands won’t slip.  You can use chalk with the Fit Four Gripper to improve and customize your grip.

Start WODing with the Fit Four Gripper today, and get the most out of every workout.


  • Lycra backing for a great breathable fit
  • Perfect for CrossFit WOD’s, bars, ropes and rings
  • Eliminates hand slippage that causes blisters and tears
  • Eliminates messy hand taping
  • Minimal 4 finger design for protects the high impact parts of hands
  • Grip Colors Options, Blue, Pink, Green, and Black

Fit Four Gripper® tips for best results:

  • Keep Gripper Gloves dry after use, remove from gym back
  • Hand wash with soap and lay flat to dry
  • Use with chalk for extra grip
  • Cut loose threats, don’t pull
  • Allow a 2-3 week break in period

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