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The Fit Four Spartan Grip® has the perfect combination of Callus Protection, Gymnasits/CrossFit Grip, and wrap. To get the kind of protection that the Fit Four Spartan Grip® provides, you would normally have to by 3 products, with the Fit Four Spartan Grip you get them all in one.

The Fit Four Spartan Grip® hand protection features a minimalist design covering only the part of your palm that is typically damaged by calluses, for a great natural feel on any rope, tire, bar, or weight.

Fit Four Spartan Grip® is available in black high quality leather, or enhanced with silicone. The standard Leather Fit Four Spartan Grip® is great for CrossFit and weight lifting movements that require rotation on the bar and a less gripped palm. The Fit Four Spartan Grip® enhanced with silicone nubs enhances grip and is great for standard pull-ups and rope climbs. The Fit Four Spartan Grip® is designed to be worn through your entire workout, not just pull ups.

The top of Fit Four Spartan Grip® is lined with breathable lycra to keep your hands cool and dry during even the most intense WOD.

Wrist Support is crucial for any CrossFit athlete to prevent injury and enhance stabilization. The 3”extra wide adjustable Velcro wrist support of the Fit Four Spartain Grip® is expandable providing great flexibility. The stabilizing ribbed pattern keeps wrists snug and supported during even the most hardcore workouts.

Pick up Fit Four Spartan Grip® today and start getting the most out of every WOD, and save your hands in the process!

Gym Grip, Wrist Support and Callus Guard all in one
• Choose between leather or silicone palms
• Adjustable & expandable wrist support, allows full range of motion
• Breathable lycra backing for less sweat
• Low profile design, ideal for your entire workout

Fit Four Spartan Grip® care tips:
• Allow a breaking in period of 1-2 weeks
• On leather palmed models use bees wax or saddle soap to soften leather
• Keep dry after use
• Hand Wash occasionally with soap and lay flat to dry
• Use chalk for enhanced grip
• Cut, don’t pull and loose threads

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