G-Loves Women’s Workout Gloves



Product Description

  • Moisture wicking sweat management
  • Constructed from neoprene, designed to conform to a women’s hands
  • Original limited edition styles
  • Easy to take on and off between sets
  • Washable with soap and water, hang to dry
  • Light weight yet nearly indestructible neoprene
  • Eliminates germs, calluses and blisters at the gym
  • Made in the USA

G-Loves Workout Gloves for Women combine awesome protection with incredible style.  Constructed from 100% neoprene which contours to your hands, G-Loves never back or bunch like traditional leather workout gloves.   G-Loves are constructed with comfort in mind, the thumb-less minimal design covers your hands where they need it with no unnecessary bulk.  G-Loves allow hands to breathe, while wicking sweat.  The enhanced grip palm means you’ll never slip or or slide while holding any weight, bar, rope or machine.    G-Loves are not only perfect for the gym but are perfect for Yoga, Water Skiing, riding horses, and wheel chairs, basically any activity where you need extra grip and don’t want the bulk of most gym gloves.

G-Loves are some of the only Workout Gloves on the market made for women, by women.  Love the way you look and feel, with soft hands and a hard body, when you workout workout with G-Loves!!


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