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  • Provides natural feeling hand protection without sacrificing grip
  • Prevents blisters, calluses, and tears
  • Ideal for weight lifting, and bar work
  • No Velcro, bleeding colors, or smell that is common with traditional gloves
  • High quality burly stitching, bonded nylon for long life
  • Open and breathable, eliminates sweaty stinky hands
  • Conforms to your hands for a custom, comfortable fit
  • Made in England

Gorilla Grips provide athletes with with  nearly indestructible hand protection against intense workouts.  They work by protecting the palm of your hand from any bar or machine with the highest quality saddle leather.

Gorilla Grips are completely ventilated, unlike regular Workout Gloves.  They are great for KettleBells, Pull Ups, most CrossFit movements and any kind of weight lifting.  While protecting hands, they enhance grip, so you’ll be more secure during any kind of bar work or heavy weight lifting. Gorilla Grips should be the only thing between you and the bar!!

Featured in Men’s Health & Strength Academy, here is an excellent review.

Short Video Tutorial on Sizing:

1 review for Gorilla Grips

  1. AdelaCanty1

    I was a little skeptical when I picked up my first pair of Gorilla Grips a couple of months back, but I was really struggling with blisters during pull ups. Gorilla Grips not only stopped my blisters, but also breathe much better than standard gym gloves. Since I started training with Gorilla Grips, they’e taken on the form of my hands and gotten more and more comfortable.

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