Grip Power Pads Fit

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Grip Power Pads Fit are strong enough to withstand any level of workout, but perfectly designed for a woman’s hands.  Like other Grip Power Pad product, Grip Power Pad Fit cushion hands against heavy loads and enhance grip with a layer of neoprene.  Grip Power Pads Fit feature a slightly narrower shape to fit a ladies hands, and the adjustable velcro enclosure ensures one size fits all.

Grip Power Pads Fit protect only the part of the hands that touch the bar, and are designed to allow hands to breathe.  When you workout with Grip Power Pads Fit, you won’t struggle with the tug of war that is typical with traditional gym gloves, quickly remove Grip Power Pads Fit between sets by simply detaching the Velcro on the back side.

Eliminate blisters, calluses and sore hands with Grip Power Pads Fit, and get the most out of every workout.


  • Protects only the parts of the hands that you use to lift
  • One size fits all, totally adjustable
  • Ergonomically designed for a ladies hands
  • Cushions small hand bones and tendons from heavy loads and lifts
  • Ventilated and breathable
  • Quick and easy to take off between sets

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