Grip Power Pads Neo

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Product Description

Grip Power Pads Neo is a revolutionary hand protection that combines the best features of grips, gloves, and weight lifting pads into one excellent product.  The rubberized surface is great for preventing chaffing, blisters and tears. The waffle printed palm design enhances grip on any piece of gym equipment.  The velcro loop on Grip Power Pads Neo are adjustable, perfect for any size of hand, and designed to fit both men and women.  Grip Power Pads Neo are ergonomically designed, and will provide amazing cushioning compared to any other gloves on the market.  Grip Power Pads Neo are breathable as well, so you won’t struggle through uncomfortable workouts with hands crammed in standard gym gloves.

When you lift with Grip Power Pads Neo you’ll notice higher maximum lifts and happier healthier hands.


  • Enhanced grip on any piece of equipment
  • Elimination of blisters and calluses
  • Open backed for maximum ventilation
  • Quick on and off
  • Non leather vegan hand protection
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits all

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