Grip Power Pads Pro

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Grip Power Pads Pro provides heavy lifters with the maximum protection against heavy lifts and hand crushing loads.  As any serious lifter will tell you, your hands fail far before your arms, that’s because your hands are composed of many tiny muscles, bones, and fibers.  By loading hands with hundreds of pounds, your grip becomes weaker over time and arthritis can settle in.  Grip Power Pads Pro reverses the process by cushioning heavy loads like shock absorbers for hands. When you lift with Grip Power Pads Pro you’ll notice that maximum lifts and overall grip strength will be greatly improved.

Grip Power Pads Pro features a totally ventilated open backed design, so you’ll never lift through slippery sweaty hands again.  Get a pair of Grip Power Pads today and get the most out of every lift, with healthier hands.


  • Extra comfy neoprene sponge shock absorption
  • Highly ventilated design for less sweat
  • Quick and easy removal
  • One size fits all, perfect for men and women
  • Quick drying, won’t absorb sweat like leather

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