Grip Power Pads (8 pack)



Product Description

  • Traction Rubber design enhances grip on any piece of gym equipment
  • Available in 3 options, Firm, Foam, & Soft
  • Great for callus and blister prevention
  • Affordable hand protection for (under $5 a pair)
  • Low Profile and easy to use
  • 8 pair to a package

Grip Power Pads are the most simple, affordable and effective hand protection in the world.  Better than traditional gym gloves, Grip Power Pads cushion hands against weights and bars, prevent blisters and calluses, and protect you from germs.  The extra comfort you’ll feel using Grip Power Pads will result in more effective workouts and heavier lifts.

Grip Power Pads are low profile, compact and easy to use.  The completely open, flexible design of Grip Power Pads eliminate hand sweat.  Grip Power Pads are so versatile and flexible they can go anywhere your hand can fit.  Don’t get stuck in traditional gloves, or tear up your hands at the gym.

Get a pair of Grip Power Pads today and get the most out of your workout while preserving your hands.  Check out the over 700 4.5 star reviews on the Grip Power amazon page, buy a today and see how these revolutionary yet simple hand pads can improve your workout and overall hand health.

Grip Power Pads offer 3 great options perfect for any kind or intensity of training:

  • Grip Power Pads Firm – Great for heavy weights, add an extra layer of protection against the grind of lifting, adds grip to any bar or weight.
  • Grip Power Pads Foam – Extra thick foam lifting pad, great for lifters with hand arthritis or general pain when lifting.
  • Grip Power Pads Soft – Perfect for lifters looking for extra grip as well as a soft surface, great for lady lifters!

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