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Gripad are quite simply one of the best alternative hand protection options in the world.  Gripad has ushered in a true revolution in fitness accessories.  Unlike traditional workout gloves that leave hands hot and sweaty, Gripad workout gloves allow hands to breath so you’ll never slip off another bar, or struggle to get your hands out of sweaty gloves.  Athletes who start using Gripad workout gloves notice that the neoprene surface and patented design provides improved grip during intense workouts.  The stronger grip you get with Gripad helps prevent injury, maximizes your lifts, as well as preventing blisters and calluses.  After just a few workouts using Gripad, you’ll notice the difference, and your hands will thank you.

Gripad protects only that parts of your hand that come into contact with the bar, this low profile design is ideal for Weight Lifting and CrossFit WODs.  The finger loops stretch to fit any size of hand, so  each pair is custom fit and sized with your hand in mind.  Athletes everywhere have switched to Gripad workout gloves over traditional workout gloves, or barehanded workouts, start using Gripad today and get more out of your workout with healthy hands!


  • Four dense neoprene layers for callus and blister prevention
  • Double sewn stitching for extra durability
  • Perforated palm neoprene for the best grip possible
  • Unique 3 finger design, allows ventilation and full motion range
  • Anti Microbial and Anti Bacterial palm neoprene
  • Will never stretch out of shape
  • Natural palm padding, not too thick or thin
  • Will never bunch like regular gloves
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