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Gym Paws, the original leather lifting grips offer an awesome combination of open backed ventilated workouts, and supreme comfort when lifting.

Gym Paws are a huge improvement on traditional gym gloves, designed to cover only your palms and finger pads, which are exposed to the most wear and tear during intense workouts. The 4 finger loop design increases hand dexterity while allowing your entire hand to breathe between sets.

Gym Paws are one of the only leather palmed grips in the world, which makes for awesome durability and extra long lifting life. The palm side backing of Gym Paws is extra comfy moisture resisting neoprene. Gym Paws break in over time like a great pair of shoes and get more molded to your hand over every workout.

Get a grip on your workout and save your hands with Gym Paws today!


  • Securely fitting 4 finger design for awesome dexterity
  • Palms are tanned for awesome an grip
  • Neoprene backing wicks sweat away
  • Eliminates blisters and calluses from intense workouts
  • High quality long lasting leather palms 4.5 stars with 500+ AMAZON reviews
  • Ideal for CrossFit, Kettle Bells, and Pull ups
  • Over 15 designs to choose from
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