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HandBand Pro® is a simple, innovative hand protection designed to reduce chaffing, and improve grip through hi repetition intense workouts.  Tired of rips, calluses, and blisters from intense CrossFit WOD’s?  HandBand Pro® is the answer!  HandBand Pro® is comfortable to wear, grip enhancing, and totally breathable.  The simple innovative one piece design is super simple to take on and off, and one size fits all. HandBand Pro® not only protects hands, but also enhances grip, the rubberized palm is specifically designed to eliminate hand slippage on Pull Up bars, and is great for free weights and Kettlebells.

HandBand Pro® comes in over 20 stunning styles and colors, you can even select to mix and match HandBand Pro® designs!

Eliminate chalk, gloves and any other kind of hand protection with HandBand Pro®!!


  • Improved abrasion preventing grip for extra security on any bar
  • Made from breathable, high quality 4 way stretch fabric
  • Antibacterial
  • Up to 26 color options
  • Hand Wash in cold water, air dry
  • Sold as a pair
  • Extra small hands? Try HandBand Pro® Elite Petite!

Stephanie using HandBand Pro®!

And here are some more friendly user videos by Danielle from HandBand Pro®


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