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Harbinger BioForm Wrist Wrap Gloves are a technological step forward compared to any other weight lifting glove on the market.  Conceptualized in 1999, Harbinger BioForm Wrist Wrap Gloves, have been in development for quite a while.  By rethinking how a glove molds and fits on your hand Harbinger has developed Harbinger BioForm Wrist Wrap Gloves.  With contoured dynamic hinges that mold to fingers and feel more natural than any other gym glove on the market.  The  3/4 finger length design provides the maximum amount of coverage, while not sacrificing grip.

The SpiderGrip™ palm features tacky treated leather for an awesome grip on whatever you handle at the gym, and are excellent for bar work and deadlifts.  Harbinger BioForm Wrist Wrap Gloves also feature a state of the art palm material that when warmed molds to hands filling in painful creases and joints that are found when wearing other gloves.  This technological advancement decreases hand fatigue, and remolds to any weight, bar, or piece of gym equipment.  The dynamic Bio-Form “living” palm is material is especially effective at protecting hands during harsh dead lifts and Chin-Ups.

As if the incredible comfort and protection of the palms and fingers wasn’t enough, Harbinger BioForm Wrist Wrap Gloves also feature a high quality adjustable Fit-Lock Wrist Wrapping.  This wrapping secures wrists during heavy lifts and is adjustable for any gym movement or lift.


  • 100% leather palm which molds to any equipment
  • Pre-hinged 3/4 inch fingers
  • BioFlex design molds your hands natural curve
  • SpiderGrip™ palm and finger grip
  • Foam-less padding for a more natural feel
  • Adjustable wrist support tension tab for less bulk
  • Sleek and stylish design, blue and black

Care Tips:

  • Machine Wash in Cold Water, Dry on low
  • Wash often for maximum softness
  • Allow to dry fully between workouts

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