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Product Description


  • Stops blisters and rips from Pull Ups!
  • The only fabric CrossFit Gloves on the market
  • Last longer than leather, neoprene, or nylon gloves
  • Virtually sweat free hands, unlike traditional gloves
  • Great for almost any hand trashing part of a workoutStops Blisters and Calluses before they stop you

Just Another WOD or JAW Gloves are taking CrossFit Boxes by storm.  By protecting hands from workout stopping blisters and tears in typical trouble spots on fingers and palms, Just Another WOD Gloves offer an awesome combination of ideal minimal low profile, while providing maximum protection.

Traditional CrossFit and Workout Gloves are thick, hot and offer no grip advantages.  Just Another WOD Gloves offer protection just where you need it, on the palms, the are open backed and breathe.  Just Another WOD Gloves won’t harden or degrade when as your hands sweat into them, your will remain cooler and more comfortable than traditional gym gloves.   You won’t slip off of bars, or battle in a tug of war removing sweaty gym gloves when you switch to Just Another WOD Gloves.

Just Another WOD Gloves are constructed as one piece high quality, soft yet tough friction eliminating fabric.  Just Another WOD Gloves are the ONLY fabric gloves on the market, fabric offers an more natural feel that leather, neoprene, or rubber, adds just enough grip to bars, rings and weights, and lasts longer than the vast majority of much more expensive gloves on the market.

Just Another WOD Gloves are known most for protection against the rigors of high rep Pull Up workouts, but also are great for Olympic Lifts, Kettle bells, rings and barbells

Just Another WOD Gloves are made in Australia, are built to last through years of abusive WODs and CrossFit Workouts.  You can use Just Another WOD Gloves with chalk for added grip.

Best Practices:

  • Hand Wash ONLY!
  • File calluses down before use
  • Use plenty of chalk

Sizing Tips:

  • Size from wrist to base of middle finger
  • If between sizes, select the smaller size
  • Cut fingers slits to fit fingers, check size before cutting
  • Cut finger slits as small as possible to ensure a snug fit.

Just Another WOD Sizing Tips Video:


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