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The strength and muscle building benefits of working out with Kettle Bells are obvious, the explosive movements and motions of Kettle Bell swings and snatches make for quick muscle gain and tone.  Kettle Bell workouts have exploded in popularity through not only the CrossFit community, but also through folks who workout at home. The only downside is the forearm pain caused by Kettle Bell swing backs.

KettleGuard has solved the problem of forearm pain and discomfort during heavy duty Kettle Bell workout sessions by developing a 360 degree padded guard shielding and protecting arms.  Taking arm pain out of Kettle Bell workouts means that athletes can train stronger, longer and more effectively, building muscle and getting in better shape faster.

KettleGuard comes with adjustable arm guards and comes in two sizes (standard and compact) depending on your training needs.  KettleGuard is used by Kettle Bell athletes and competitors around the world in thousands of gyms and Kettle Bell competitions.

Eliminate forearm pain today and get the most out of you Kettle Bell workout with KettleGuard!


  • Comfortable, light weight, low profile fit that doesn’t effect kettle bell movements
  • Eliminates forearm pain caused from Kettle Bell swings
  • Sweat Absorbent
  • Machine wash and dry-able
  • One size fits all
  • Available in standard or compact (shorter) version
  • 360 degrees of padding, protecting entire forearm

Check out the awesome KettleGuard videos below, and pick up a pair of KettleGuard’s today!!

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