Product Description

  • 7mm thick neoprene design
  • Anatomic and ergo fit for the maximum comfort
  • No breaking in period or stiffness
  • Double stitched to ensured long life
  • Designed by athletes for athletes

A high quality pair of Knee Sleeves is essential for any athlete looking to maximize their workout while minimizing their risk of injury.  Mava Knee Sleeves provide athletes with and extra comfortable combination of compression and support through any heavy lift or workout.  When you are attempting a new dead lift PR, wearing a pair of Mava Knee Sleeves will keep your mind focused on your lifting and your knees properly supported.  MAVA knee sleeves also promote blood flow and oxygen to your knees which decreases swelling in and pain.  Mava Knee Sleeves are not only ideal for lifting and WODs, but are great for basketeball, running, football, or any other activity that puts your knees at risk.

Get the most out of any lift today and start lifting with Mava Knee Sleeves!!



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