Mava Weight Lifting Knee Wraps
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Mava Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

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Product Description

  • Lift heavier and eliminate knee injuries
  • Won’t slip or slide during a workout
  • High compression 4 way elastic for the maximum comfort
  • Great alternative to knee sleeves or pads
  • Extra long 72″ for multiple wraps

A solid pair of Weight Lifting Knee Wraps is crucial for a serious power lifter.  Your knees take the brunt of a proper dead lift or snatch, and stabilizing your knees can be the difference between an new PR or a nasty knee injury.  Mava Weight Lifting Knee Wraps provide awesome high quality support with stretchable 4 way elastic, made for compression, stretching and comfort.  Mava Weight Lifting Knees Wraps will never bunch or slide during your workout.  The velcro end attaches flush with the wrap so there are no annoying loose ends.   Use Mava Weight Lifting Knees Wraps to replace, knee sleeves, braces, or pads, these do it all.

Eliminate loose ends and add stability to your dead lifts and snatches today with Mava Weight Lifting Knee Wraps!

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