Meister Glove Deodorizers



Product Description

  • Eliminates moisture, germs and odor
  • 2 great smelling options
  • Extends life of gloves by eliminating breakdown due to sweat and bacterica
  • Perfect for Boxing, Workout, Goalie, Hockey and Ski Gloves
  • Ideal for shoes!!

Meister Glove Deodorizers were made to eliminate smells, bacteria and moisture from boxing gloves, but are perfect for any athletic gloves, shoes or boots!  Meister Glove Deodorizers eliminate the sweat that not only stinks but destroys your gear over time.  A perfect addition to your gym bag or locker Meister Glove Deodorizers are the perfect accessory.

Made from naturally absorbing flannel, Meister Glove Deodorizers are available in two great smelling options red cedar chips, or fresh linen.

Meister Glove Deodorizers fit in any pair of gloves or shoes.  The attached nunchuck design makes losing them virtually impossible.  Get a pair of Meister Glove Deodorizers today, and destroy nasty smells and sweaty gloves, while keeping your gear in great shape!


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