Meister MMA Boxing Gloves



Product Description

Meister MMA Boxing Gloves are versatile enough for boxers of any skill level, size, and type of training.  You’ll get more out of each training session and protect your hands with Meister MMA!

Meister MMA Boxing Gloves are constructed to withstand any punishment you can throw at them, designed to absorb the rigors of heavy duty training, while keeping your hands and wrists safe from injury. Meister MMA Boxing Gloves are manufactured with intense boxing in mind, constructed with multiple layers of heavy dense foam, and multiple layers of stitching which form a synthetic leather palm and top.  The wrist support enclosure is designed to prevent strains and sprains through repeated impact from any direction.

Mesiter MMA Boxing Gloves are available in 2 colors and sizes, 12 ounce pink and black for women and youth, and 14 & 16 ounce orange and black for men.  Each pair comes with a handy carrying case for compact storage in bags and lockers.

Features of Meister MMA Boxing Gloves:

  • Versatile enough for sparring, bags and punching workouts
  • Comes in 12 ounce size for women, 14 & 16 ounces for men
  • High impact heavy duty foam padding
  • Re-enforced velcro wrist enclosure to prevent strains and sprains
  • Ergonomic finger molds and comfortably shaped fist


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