Meister Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support



Product Description

Meister Weight Lifting Gloves are perfect for the serious weight lifter with a balanced combination of hand protection and wrist stabilization.  The palms of Meister Wight Lifting Gloves are lined with a shock absorbing foam and gel blended impact zones for the highest level of comfort during heavy lifts.  The wrist wraps cradle wrists for a great amount stabilizing support, for lifting heavy, and preventing nagging wrist injuries.  Buy Meister Weight Lifting Gloves and train like a champion!


  • Constructed with double-stitched seams and high-quality leather for heavy lifting and high impact
  • Double Velcro wrist wrap protects wrists from injury and stress
  • Foam and gel on the palm combine for the ultimate cushion against heavy weights
  • Ergonomic panels move with your hand for a natural feel
  • Open mesh backing lets hands breath
  • Machine wash and air dry

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