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NewGrip Power Pads are some of the most simple yet functional hand protection on the planet.  Specifically designed for protection from any hand trashing workout, Power Pads protect your hands while letting them breathe throughout your workout.  NewGrip Power Pads are constructed from neoprene which provides added grip and a natural feel to any bar or machine.In the summer of 2013 Power Pads were used by math teacher and super athlete Kyle Gurkovich to break a world record for most Pull-Ups in 24hrs (4187) without a single blister or tear!  You can read more about Kyle, his amazing feat and his charity work here.

Let NewGrip Power Pads take the punishment, not your hands.  Protect your hands and lift more with Power Pads guaranteed!

NewGrip Power Pads, perfect Weight Lifting Gloves for:

  • CrossFit WOD’s
  • Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups
  • Free Weights & Machines
  • Kettlebells
  • Rowing on Ergs & Oars


  • More Reps and Heavier Maximum Lifts.
  • More Cushioning and Less Hand Pain.
  • Outstanding Grip on any Bar or Machine.
  • A Custom Fit to Your Hands.
  • No Blisters, Calluses or Chaffing.
  • No Sweaty or Slippery Hands.


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