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New and improved, our NewGrip Replacement hand pads are tougher than ever, lasting longer than traditional gym gloves, or your money back!!

Get a pair of NewGrip Replacement Hand Pads when your  NewGrip pads wear out.  NewGrip offers the only gloves with replaceable hand pads in the world.  Unlike other gloves which need to be discarded when any part wears out, NewGrips are replaceable.  NewGrip Replacement hand pads are 1/4″ thick neoprene, and fit on your NewGrip wrist support.  Thick enough to protect your hands from any bar or machine at the gym, but thin enough for a natural feel.

  • Rugged protection
  • Great price
  • Replaces your worn out NewGrip pads
  • Great for lifting weights, pull ups, calluses, and CrossFit WODs
  • Prevents blisters, calluses, rips and tears
  • Offers relief from chronic hand arthritis
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