NewGrip ThickGrips Power Lifting Gloves



Product Description

NewGrip has finally developed weight lifting gloves made for heavy weight lifters. ThickGrip Weight Lifting Gloves are perfect for Olympic lifts in CrossFit WOD’s, heavy weight lifting free weights and machines, shrugs, bench press, dead lifts, and static contraction training.  The great combination of double padded protection and low profile wrist support make ThickGrip Weight Lifting Gloves are a perfect accessory for any serious heavy weight lifter or bodybuilder.  If lifting heavy has left your hands sweaty, sore and callused, try ThickGrip Weight Lifting Gloves today and lift to your potential!


  • Specially designed for lifting heavy weights
  • Double the NewGrip Hand Pads provide twice the comfort, support, and protection
  • Fully-breathable gloves mean no more sweaty hands slipping off the bar
  • Totally adjustable for any size or shape of hand
  • Prevents calluses and tears due to heavy lifting
  • Alleviates hand soreness from years of lifting heavy

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