NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves w/Wrist Support

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NewGrip’s unique combination of breathable high quality neoprene hand pads with stabilizing wrist support is the perfect customizable glove for any workout.  Quickly remove the hand pads and just wear the wrist support for certain movements.  Ideal for battling chronic blisters, calluses and torn hands, as well as wrist pain due to injury or over use. Heavy lifters see max lifts increase 10-15% wearing NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves.  Cross Fitters save their hands from intense WOD’s.  NewGrip gloves are perfect for Rowing Machines, Pull Ups, and Kettle Bells.

NewGrips are some of the most versatile “gloves” on the planet,  Let NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves take the punishment, not your hands!

NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves are perfect for:

  • CrossFit WOD’s
  • Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups
  • Weight Lifting-Free Weights & Machines
  • Rowing on Ergs & Oars
  • Kettle bells


  • More Reps and Heavier Maximum Lifts.
  • Outstanding Grip on any Bar or Machine.
  • Hand and Wrist Protection.
  • A Custom Fit to Your Hands.
  • No Blisters, Calluses or Chaffing.
  • No Sweaty or Slippery Hands.

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1 review for NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves w/Wrist Support

  1. joshwlc

    I highly, highly recommend NewGrip weight lifting gloves with the wrist support more than ANY other weight lifting glove. I ordered my first pair many years ago when I was having forearm pain and couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk when trying to help my wife carry groceries in from the store. I had been using weight lifting gloves with the finger tips cut out and nerve damage in my finger tips from lifting heavy weights. The damage comes when I would try to hold onto the heavy barbell or dumbbells and my finger tips would slide against the knurled part of the barbell or dumbbells. With NewGrips, you don’t get this at all. Your hands and fingers feel like they are riding in a top of the line luxury car compared to riding on a tractor. I have NEVER had forearm issues or other issues since I started using New Grips. I actually could never get past lifting 45 pound dumbbells for dumbbell curls and once I started using New Grips, I made it to 75 pound dumbbells for curls! Same thing happened on overhead press as well. My palms feel great when pressing. I could go on and on about NewGrips! Just get a pair, and you’ll be very, very happy for a long, long time.

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