NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps



Product Description

NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps are popular in gyms, and used around the world by thousands of Musicians, Typists, Tennis Players, and are excellent for any activity that is gives you sore wrists. NewGrip Wrist Support are hand made in the USA!  NewGrip Wrist Wraps use compression technology to increase blood flow, decrease swelling, and relieve pain!


  • Designed to eliminate the pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and wrist overuse.
  • Supports your wrist while keeping your hand free, NewGrips can be worn 24/7 and won’t keep you from the activities you enjoy.
  • The only wrist support on the market that support your wrist with a 100% cotton, non-elastic wrist strap.
  • Can be used with NewGrip Hand Pads or without.

Check out Ysrafel shredding with his NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps

Eric Kurtz kills it with his NewGrip Wrist Support Wraps!


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