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Are you tired of missing workouts due to torn up hands? Its time to start using the Ript Hand Care Kit!  Our hand cream and pumice is designed to heal cuts and tears quick, so you’ll be back to the gym and working out sooner.  Ideal for CrossFit movements, Pull Ups, Olympic Weights, KettleBells, and or any other hand trashing exercise.


  • 1 tube (.15 ounce) of Daily Dose hand cream
  • 1 tube (.15 ounce) of Quick Fix hand cream
  • 1 pumice stone for shaving down calluses

The ript skin systems hand care kit is designed to be used before and after you rip.

Before you rip:  Use the grindstone in the shower on rough calluses and work them down.  Make sure not to shave the entire callus off.  Then use Daily Dose to rehydrate you calluses to prevent torn skin during your workout.

After you rip:  Use Quick Fix on the torn areas, fill the rip and seal it.  The natural oils (rosemary and peppermint) will sooth the tears and prevent infections from entering the tear.  Use Quick Fix and your hands will heal quicker, and you’ll be back working out sooner.  Once a new layer of skin has formed switch to Daily Dose for improved long term hand health and protection.

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