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Risto Leather Wrist Wraps

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5 out of 5
1 review

Product Description

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Risto Leather Wrist Wraps provide burly wrist support through any level of weight lifting workout!  The simple streamlined design of Risto Leather Wrist Wraps make them simple to use.  Risto Leather Wrist Wraps are made in the USA, built to last a life time of heavy lifts, saving your wrists from pain and strain.

Like most 100% leather products Risto Leather Wrist Wraps, mold to your wrists over time, providing a custom, comfortable fit.  Risto Leather Wrist Wraps are ideal for Olympic Lifts, Snatches, Bench Press, and clean & jerks.  Risto Leather Wrist Wraps are designed to wrap once around your wrist then be buckled, this provides ultimate support, not found in cotton, elastic, or neoprene athletic wrist support.  To put on Risto Wraps, simply thread the long ends through the buckle and tighten to the point of comfort, they have a wide size range, and fit any size of wrist.

A good pair of wrist support can be one of the most important accessories when lifting, your wrists are a natural weak point and tend to get injured, through sprain and strains more than any other part of your body during heavy lifts.  Treat your body right and get the most out of ever lift, clean, and press with a pair of Risto Wraps.


  • Eliminates wrist pain and injury due to heavy repetitive lifts
  • Sturdy one piece design
  • Double wrapped for extra support
  • Molds to wrists over time for a custom, comfortable fit
  • One size fits all
  • Made By Hand In The USA

1 review for Risto Leather Wrist Wraps

  1. 5 out of 5


    Picked up a pair of Risto Wrist Wraps about a month ago, unlike any cloth wrist supports I’ve tried these totally conform to wrists over time for a burly yet comfortable fit. I never lift without them and it seems like they are the ONLY lifting wrist wraps you’ll ever need. Awesome wraps!!

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