StrongerRX Knee Sleeves



Product Description

  • Natural feeling comfortable compression
  • Prevents lifting injury and reverses chronic pain caused by lifting
  • Promotes joint density
  • Decreases joint swelling
  • Made from Neoprene

As any serious lifter will tell you, keeping your knees health and strong is the key to maximizing your lifts, and pushing through weight lifting plateaus.  StrongerRX Knee Sleeves help weight lifters, Olympic lifters and CrossFitters alike, buy supporting knees with tough yet comfortable compression.  StrongerRX Knee Sleeves are made of neoprene which conforms comfortably to your bodies shape and size, and moves with your knees for a very natural feel.   The 5mm thick neoprene increases joint density while decreasing swelling.  Ideal for supporting lifters through dead lifts, snatches and leg presses, StrongerRX Knee Sleeves versatile enough to be used for ANY knee support, perfect for basketball, hiking, or just everyday knee support.

Get StrongerRX Knee Sleeves and protect your knees from the damage of repeated lifts, twists and hyper extensions.


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